Brighton: An unexpected departure could turn everything upside down at the club

Brighton: An unexpected departure could turn everything upside down at the club

The shadow of De Zerbi has materialized behind Inzaghi at Inter Milan. However, nothing has been decided yet about the fate of the ex-Lazio coach who is tied to Inter until 2024.

An early departure is not to be excluded, and Brighton coach De Zerbi is already being identified as a potential replacement. April will be a decisive month for Inter, as they will be playing for a spot in the Champions League semifinals and the Coppa Italia final.

Inzaghi will likely have to make progress in these competitions to keep his job, as a simple top-four finish in the league may not be enough.

Inzaghi still has a chance to continue with Inter, but the club is preparing for all eventualities, including the possibility of hiring De Zerbi. The latter signed with Brighton until 2026, but his contract includes an exit clause between 8 and 10 million euros.

While this is a substantial sum, Inter may be able to negotiate a discount. The situation will become clearer in the coming weeks, as Inter’s season progresses. Tottenham is also reportedly interested in De Zerbi for next season.

The economic aspect of the situation is crucial, as Inter will need to consider the cost of terminating Inzaghi’s contract and hiring a new coach. Inzaghi’s net salary of 5.5 million euros per year, plus his staff’s salaries, could cost at least 10 million euros to terminate.

If Inter does not reach an agreement with Inzaghi, they may have to continue paying his salary for two years, as they did with Spalletti. Hiring De Zerbi would also come at a cost, as Inter would need to pay part of his exit clause from Brighton and his salary, which could be at least 3 million euros per year.

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