Arsenal: David Raya advises Ramsdale to strive for the number 1 shirt

Arsenal: David Raya advises Ramsdale to strive for the number 1 shirt

Following a triumphant return to the Champions League, Arsenal’s goalkeepers David Raya and Aaron Ramsdale have found themselves on diverging paths. The Spanish goalkeeper Raya has been favored by coach Mikel Arteta, earning him two consecutive clean sheets.

Ramsdale, however, was benched during the Everton match last Sunday. This move sparked speculation about when he would be back in action for Arsenal. Despite this setback, Ramsdale is still seen as an integral part of the team.

Raya made his debut against Everton, keeping his place despite expectations that England international Ramsdale would reclaim it. Speaking publicly as an Arsenal player for the first time, Raya expressed his excitement and urged Ramsdale to continue fighting for the team upon his return.

Arteta’s decision to rotate keepers has raised eyebrows within football circles. Historically, rotation between goalkeepers is rare due to the sensitive nature surrounding the No1 spot. However, Arteta insists such moves are normal and even suggested he might consider rotating keepers mid-match.

The situation puts both Raya and Ramsdale under immense pressure – any mistake could cost them their position on the field. Yet according to Raya, there’s mutual support between him and Ramsdale who he describes as ‘a great leader’.

Despite being dropped from recent matches, Ramsdale remains supportive of his teammate. Meanwhile, Raya continues pushing for starts in line-ups while acknowledging that playing alongside someone like Ramsdale makes things more challenging but also rewarding.

This saga reflects Arteta’s ruthless approach which could potentially backfire if not handled properly. Both men know very well that one or two mistakes could jeopardize their position in the team.

A New Era for Arsenal’s Goalkeeping

Raya, who is 28 years old, understands that having two top goalkeepers in the same team is a rare scenario. He believes this new dynamic reflects modern football where coaches want multiple top players for each position.

The Spanish goalkeeper has played the last two games and eagerly awaits what will happen on Sunday. Raya’s comments about Ramsdale being supportive suggest a healthy competition between them despite the high stakes involved.

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