Rangers: What's going on with this player who is full of doubt and keeps making mistakes?

Rangers: What’s going on with this player who is full of doubt and keeps making mistakes?

There seems to be an issue brewing within the ranks of Rangers FC. The concern revolves around the central defender, Goldson, whose performance has been questionable lately.

After being held responsible for a blunder during the game against PSV, Goldson made another misstep in the derby against Celtic. His poorly controlled header led to Kyogo opening the score. Such mistakes in crucial matches raise questions about his reliability on the field.

The back-to-back errors by Goldson have sparked debates among fans and critics alike. Is this just a rough patch or are these signs of declining form?

A defender under scrutiny

While every player can have off days, repeated mistakes from a key player like Goldson cannot be overlooked. It not only impacts the team’s performance but also shakes confidence levels within the squad.

However, some supporters maintain faith in Goldson’s abilities despite his recent slip-ups. They argue that even top players go through phases of poor form and what matters is how they bounce back.

Ultimately, whether there is indeed a ‘Goldson Problem’ at Rangers will depend on how he performs in future matches. If these errors persist, then it might signal trouble ahead for both him and the team.

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