Brighton : There really was no way to recruit a playmaker behind Ferguson ?

Brighton : There really was no way to recruit a playmaker behind Ferguson ?

The summer transfer window left many Brighton fans questionning about the playmaker position behind Ferguson where Enciso’s injury has not been replaced and where the performances of Joao Pedro and Welbeck have not been satisfactory because it is not their position.

Despite the win against Newcastle, we saw this failure every time Joao Pedro touched the ball. Brighton has a clear need for an influential playmaker and the club failed to secure such talent.

After Enciso’s injury, João Pedro and Welbeck were tested as potential solutions at this position, but they have not lived up to expectations. Brighton’s midfield lacks creativity. The absence of a dynamic playmaker is glaringly obvious.

Roberto de Zerbi, Brighton’s manager, seems content with his squad despite this deficiency. He appears confident that other players can compensate for this lack of ingenuity in the middle of the park. And that’s what Mitoma, March or Gilmour do. But that does not prevent the position of attacking midfielder from being currently lacking.

Ferguson, one of Brighton’s key players, suffers from this shortfall most noticeably. His performance often feels isolated due to inadequate support from his offensive teammate.

It’s unfortunate that during the summer transfer period, Brighton didn’t capitalize on opportunities to bolster their midfield ranks. A quality playmaker could have significantly enhanced their attacking prowess, especially after Enciso’s injury.

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