Celtic FC: Daizen Maeda and the mystery surrounding the reason for growing his hair

Celtic FC: Daizen Maeda and the mystery surrounding the reason for growing his hair

Daizen Maeda’s hat-trick in Celtic’s Scottish Cup victory over Livingston has been the talk of the town, but it’s not just his on-pitch prowess that has fans buzzing. The Japanese winger’s sudden change in appearance has sparked curiosity and amusement among the Hoops faithful.

Previously known for his bald look since joining Celtic in January 2022, Maeda surprised everyone by sporting a full head of hair recently. This transformation left even teammate Greg Taylor jokingly commenting, “I want his hair whipped off. But if he keeps scoring goals like that, then he can do what he wants.”

Fans have playfully speculated whether Maeda’s new hairstyle is behind his improved form, dubbing it “magic hair.” Before netting three against Livi, Maeda had only scored five times this season – leading some to wonder if there’s more than meets the eye with his luscious locks.

Maeda himself has teased an explanation for his hair growth but remains tight-lipped about the details. On social media, he hinted at revealing the reason someday while also engaging with fans who encouraged him to keep growing it out.

Amidst all the speculation, one thing is certain: Daizen Maeda’s treble propelled Celtic into the Scottish Cup semi-finals. As supporters eagerly await their next opponent from tonight’s draw, they’re equally intrigued by the mystery surrounding Maeda’s mane makeover.

In conclusion, while Daizen Maeda continues to impress on the field for Celtic, his enigmatic decision to grow out his hair has added an extra layer of intrigue for fans and teammates alike. Whether or not we’ll ever get to hear the story behind those strands remains to be seen.

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